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Pokemon Conquest Babbling
The clock tower has broken down
So I've unlocked to the post story content

Man, I don't know. It seems all the female warlords share a common  I wish Oichi had gotten a unite ransei quest episode or such. All the female warlords so far seem to share a common plot of beauty contest, nominally to establish who's "fairest one of all" among the lady warlords, more a show of strength: who can first conquer the other runner ups.

Also, apparently Ranmaru (a dude) is part of it? Am I missing something here?

Okay, I looked it up and Ranmaru partakes the contest because he's so beautiful but he's all reluctant to join. I guess there weren't enough female warlords? Or maybe it would be hilarious. Other contestants make no comment when you fight him and neither so he, so whatever.

Some of the episodes seem to have a historical basis or at least, factors in their characters. Mitsuhide betrayed Nobunaga, so his episode concerns him turning on Nobunaga's ideal. It's more presented as a challenge to Nobunaga than anything. So I guess I was hoping that Oichi's story would have dealt with her  history: maybe her brother, or her Jigglypuff, or her home life or her relationships to other warlords if any. Hell, I would've liked if she had gotten a story like what seems to be the a test to the junior warlords or ambitions of some of the other warlrds, Unite Ransei.

Her personality might be a factor. She dislikes fighting and she was enters the beauty contest because of her friends belief in her. The main game itself you have to play wtih the protagonist and Oichi so that could've been her unification adventure but... I just would've liked a story focused on her. Traversing the whole region by herself and her Jigglypuff, recruiting allies, linking with pokemon, culminating in a personal  face off with her brother. A what-if story.

The middle of Ransei just seems to small for me to play with my faves (that'd be Oichi and Jigglypuff).

Ah, well, it's not the stories I've completed so far have been so super deep. Just the some words before and after battling it out with warlords under the conditions.*

Maybe I'm just looking for something that's not there, haha.

*Ieyasu's (another favorite) story deals with having to capture a hundred pokemon and there's a guy which focuses on just recruting warriors. 


Meanwhile, I've picked up Anorith along the way and I've been trying to figure how to evolve it.



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